Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Big Brand Advertising Stupidity (McCains)

Another vast display of big brand stupidity, lacklustre imaginations and big money waste.

This time, McCains.

Look at this full page newspaper ad in today's paper.

The creative sparks at the ad agency advertising and promoting McCain's chips, came up with this masterpiece to get us, hopefully, to buy 'happy days'.

How incredibly UN-original.

It's no wonder small and medium sized businesses are in a marketing and advertising mess because of emulating the big Company waste and sloth in creating 'brand building advertising'.

Now McCains may be already doing great business, (and yes, their chips are great) but wouldn't they be even more profitable if they had smart, savvy, direct response marketing replacing this image type idiocy?

They're settling for advertising and marketing mediocrity. Maybe even less than that! (That's what happens when you have a bundle of money to throw at an ad agency - because in return, they'll invariably throw a lot of tripe back, with no-one really made accountable or really concerned about where the money went)  

If those responsible for creating this, and the various New Year McCain's advertising promotions for their chips, had THEIR own money on the line, they'd rethink what they'd originally thunk. They'd be doing what they can to come up with the best, most profitable advertising they could create.


So how would direct response fix this waste-of-money ad?

By having readers cut out a try'n buy coupon, by driving them to a website for special offers, by getting people to submit they most 'happy meal McCain combination' with a prize for entering AND, a big splash prize for the winner, by tracking what ad created what results.

Alas, they (McCains and their hired marketing muscle) don't GET that the business IS in creating a customer that stays, and therefore buys, for life. 

No better way to do that than by engaging them and then, communicating to them regularly - and NOT with riddle based junk and snappy slogans that we 'hope' a reader, prospect, foodie, will somehow decipher, make sense of and then, have a long lasting affinity and love affair with us.

That's the hit' n hope school of marketing wizardry.

There are plenty of subscribers and attendees in that school. We just need look around at the advertising and marketing incompetence we see all around us to find that to be, right on the money.    

Products, businesses, companies... all have to continually earn the custom of their consumers, regularly. Taking readers, prospects and customers for granted... by delivering nonsense based advertising, devoid of any kind of offer, without any deadline or timeline to respond, with sloppy or non existent advertising copy, without any means of tracking how much the ad was responsible for sales and customers... is all lazy, incompetent and therefore, a less profitable solution.