Saturday, 6 February 2016

If he can sell bottled AIR at £80 a pop, what's possible for you?

You may have seen or heard the recent news about a 27 year old who sells bottled air from Somerset, Wales, Dorset - and - he gets £80 a pop for it

And before you scoff at the absurdity of it all, know this; there's a fat happy market for pure quality air. (No, I didn't know that either)

Those with the money, and a desire for 'premium air' don't mind spending money for a few seconds of sniffing pure quality air.

And that's the key; there's a ready-to-buy market for it.

Sure, you and I may think... who on earth would spend that amount of money on AIR?. 

Well, he ships it over to polluted cities Shanghai and Beijing, where the wealthy elite pay a hefty sum for a few seconds of inhalation - THEY'RE the ones who buy.

And when you break it down, what's being sold here is a story. Nothing else. Leo De Watts is telling his story of bottled water and the benefits and merits of it - and, a certain segment of the world's population have bought the story and so, hand over their money for the results of what the story can do for them.  

Reading that should be nothing but beautiful music to your ears because if someone can package up a story of bottled air and how it'll do the recipient good, then what can we do with your tangible goods and services that'll give the beneficiary a whole lot more value than a few seconds of sniffing the bottled up air of certain places in United Kingdom?

Now here's what's really instructive;

If all Leo De Watts did was to plaster and blast out the following selling message  - " my bottled air at £80 a bottle and I'll ship it to you first class anywhere in the world.." if all he did was scream out his goods - well guess what; no matter how well he tries, he's not going to reach inside the psychological mind of his ideal customer and have them part with their money. He had to first tell the story of how pure their air was in certain parts of UK and how, by inhaling such quality air it'll have wonderful knock on health benefits and will enhance the quality of thinking and the quality of life of those who buy it.

What's your bottled air story... and... does it move enough qualified prospects to want to take you up on your proposition... because that's the ultimate test here, isn't it -- what you say and what's written in your marketing and communication messages - (your bottled air story) and.... the response you get because of it... that's what matters most. 

Now... if you've no real story and you're still getting a good amount of business, imagine what would happen if you created a wonderful story about your products and services and the benefits they provide, and you used that in all your promotional messages and materials, what do you think would happen? Ask Leo De Watts. Ask him what his story of his bottled air has done for him and his business? Ask him about the additional free business and free publicity he's managed to get and... what it has meant to him from a pure profit point of view.

His conversational copywriting, his written copywriting message about bottled water is making him well known and rolling in the money that's...rolling in.  

Some may think Leo De Watts is pulling a fast one, that what he's doing is nothing but a sophisticated scam.

To all of us who cannot see the value in what he's selling, who aren't prospects for what he's promoting, who cannot see the merit in his proposition whatsoever... maybe that's true.

However, the instructional message here is to know that there's a market in the world for almost anything and everything and... that we all buy based on stories, on a message that represents a product, service or idea.

What story do you want to be told about what you sell, ? And, for it to be told in a captivating, engaging and truthfully exciting way? 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Say nothing, get nothing ( plus...90-page sales letter making money, hand over fist)‏

I thought this was smart.

To put up a single webpage of copy to advertise my writing services with the following headline;

Yes, A Writer With Not Much To Write!

I then went on to say why, if you're looking for a writer, you don't want to be burdened with information overload, and so that's why I'm keeping this short.

All in all, if you were to print the webpage out, it would be less than a single A4 page of copy.  

The result?


I mean, literally - NO THING.

For months.

Deathly silence.

We all experiment.

And that one was bad.... really BAD.

And out of those experiments, we either carry on doing what we think is good (based on ego and wanting to look good) or... we adjust because things aren't working.

Since that time, I've learned that the kind of people I attract and whom I'm interested in working with and sharing my ideas with, are those businesses and entrepreneurs who want solid information... who want to dive deep into something they're interested in... who have an expansive brain and want to go over (re-read) things - once, twice, several times.

You'll rarely get a few lines of copy from me.

Because I've things to say and share.

And... I make sure that what I'm saying has some kind of actionable usefulness to you and... that what I write isn't boring, or a chore for you to read.

Some of my emails have been 3 to 4 solid pages of text.

But I've seen that they're getting opened, read and hopefully for them, has them taking some kind of action based on what's written in the emails. 

For a writer, silence (take that to mean being skimpy with words and explanations) is the kiss of death. (See the stark difference between one ad that has minimal words, and... my Honda CRV ad that's packed to the rafters with interesting, fact based copy) 

For a business, sending out the same kind of communications an audience is used to seeing -- because every other business is sending them the same versions of neutral, plain Jane offers, promotions and information - is pretty much the same as being silent. 

Majority of your audience will glance, dust their hands off together, and pass it by.

Your business can't afford to keep doing that.

"Oh, but I can't write all that copy, no-one's going to read all that... they're going to be bored and turn away from it all... my audience is different"

Of course, we ALL turn away from anything, if it's boring. Short copy. Long copy. Doesn't matter. 

If there's one thing we can't stand, it's being bored to death.

Ed Miliband - ex Labour Party leader, was absolved of all blame for the Labor Party's recent UK election collapse, according to a recent Labour Party investigation into what happened.

Unfortunately for the deluded souls who led that investigation and came to the conclusions they did, Ed Miliband is the most boring politician you could meet - visually, verbally and in all other ways.

Lack of inspiration, lack of leadership, lack of like-ability - he WAS the number one reason Labour failed. Yet, his business (his party) could not see it, still cannot see it.

Many were bored with Miliband's brand of consistent boring-ness.

Want to know about a sales letter that's 90 pages in length that's selling a business product that has tens of thousands of buyers and made the company millions a year... and... it ISN'T boring?

And something else, has genuine, sincere fans of the product because it's turned their lives around?

What you need to know about the letter is it contains everything a person needs to know before making a purchase.

There's no question that's not answered.

There's no lack of proof that'll have you quizzical or befuddled.

And get this, there's NO hard sell going on, though... it sells.

Zen like?


The business has done a MASTERFUL job in selecting and qualifying their particular client and making the best, most irresistible proposition they can.

It's copywriting and sales story creation at its best. And it's really only for serious students of the craft of direct response communications and who are growth obsessed, who'll benefit from looking at it.  

Why aren't I leading you to the page and having you go make up your own mind about it?

Because if you're not already putting out the kind of communication and information that your audience and customers love, then this'll be too dramatic a shift for you. (If the letter is of interest to you, get in touch) 

And exactly who'll buy from that sales page?

Those who read it and raise their hands to buy.

The other 99.999% of people on the planet - it won't even reach their eyeballs.

Where are YOU being silent in your communications? 

How OFTEN are you showing up silent and blank, again and again and again?

If you want to fix that, then there are options.

Here's one of them.

-- don't forget - say nothing, you get nothing... say nothing different, you get nothing different.