Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tell The Truth... Most Marketing is Absolutle DRIVEL!

It's sad that grown men on a football pitch have to dive and feign their injuries in order to get another player sent off or, to have their roll over antics win a penalty or a free kick.

It's disgraceful and it IS point blank stealing and they should be called up on it by their own team, coach, manager, board.

Same point in with most marketing.

It's, on the whole, desperate and moronic, wobbling along hoping no-one will notice the sheer madness in it.


Someone had to create it. Someone had to agree it. Someone paid for it.  Someone got paid to create it.

And still, this INCOMPETENT diving practice is still in full flow and shows no sign of abating.

In fact, it's getting worse.

Want instant proof?

Simply turn on the radio in the morning and listen to the incredible 'funny, humour drivel' masquerading as marketing. It IS an utter waste of money and delivers a bad reputation for the client.

Really good marketing communications is all about showing (communicating) the benefits, the pleasure and the results the product or service will do for the client. 

That's pretty much it.

Communicate THAT and you're pretty much sailing in profitable waters because most do every other thing, but that.  

It seems troubling for most to do the fundamentals.

And of course, looks like most in the marketing and advertising game seems to want to have their name up in lights and have the heavy back slapping and so go to crazy creative lengths to get noticed, with results of course (the money being made) being something that's put on the back burner and left to simmer at some other later time.

If you're a professional marketer, an owner of a business, a CEO, someone who welds the axe in your enterprise, use the swift sword on ANYTHING to do with marketing and advertising designed to sell, that cannot be made measurable, that cannot justify its reason for being created, that cannot provide a customer an irresistible reason or offer to choose what you have to sell or promote.

Carry out a commitment to perform this one single exercise and you WILL see your enterprise become MORE profitable than you'd believe possible.