Thursday, 29 October 2015

What's wrong with this ad?

What's wrong with this ad?

Well, nothing. If I'm selling white space, this ad is perfect for that.

Oh, but see, there's some teeny tiny image and something in the right hand corner.

Now we're selling, baby!

Now we're getting our message out there.   

Now we're getting traction.

Now the money is going to roll in.

And, our marketing and ad people, well... we can't say enough about them.

Just like this ad, really.

Can't say enough because there isn't enough in the ad to talk about it!

Sheer utter madness.

Yet, professional 'marketing and ad' people (educated people?) are being employed to create such masterpieces... people (decision makers in the ad agency or marketing consultancy) are agreeing and signing off this drivel, giving reasonable and justifiable explanations for such ludicrous foolishness.

How different the dynamic would be if the ad agency were (GASP!) on paid on results and... if they were put their own money up first to test their whacky-filled ideas and unproven nonsense.

You can see it now, most marketing pros would be jostling on the unemployment scrap heap, trying to get anyone to give them another shot at their invented, white-space foolishness.  

Yet, look around, you'll see big brand advertising as well brand advertising... many having their adverts with splashings and lashings of free white space (or... any other colour, really).

If your business life depended on it, (and many businesses do depend on their ads and marketing) would you want oodles of white space to sell for you... or... would you want curious, interesting, fascinating facts and pictures and stories and happy delighted customers singing your product or service's praises.... would you want THAT to sell for you...if your business life and your company and your family economics depended on it?

Oh, and if you're looking for an advertising writer who loves white space rather than content and information, then you won't like the ad I've written below.