Wednesday, 15 October 2014

WANTED: Ad Agency or Marketing Consultancy Head With Balls to Run The Following Ad...

Results Producing Ad agency or Marketing Consultancy Head/Owner With Balls to Run The Following Ad Promotion:

“How Marketing Consultancies and Ad Agencies Take CEO’s & MD’s For a Ride in Broad Bright Daylight (And get away with it!)”

-If you want to create a universe where you only work and represent the type of clients and accounts with heads who have exceedingly good products and services, as well as owning the gumption, spirit and unbridled passion to be devastatingly different from their commodity based competitors…

…where you yourself have a renegade spirit about you, aren’t bogged and tied down to convention, despise advertising and marketing nonsense and tomfoolery…and.. are committed and convicted about the results you can create for clients through your own unique style, strategy and client relationship building systems and processes, then you’re invited to contact me to talk about having the above advertisement, tailor written for you, where, if successful, you’ll pay an upfront fee and will license the finished ad’s usage on a yearly basis. 

If you’re already investing in promoting your agency or consultancy through advertising and promotion, you’ve an opportunity to test something radically different (that will most likely match your inventive, contrarian and revolutionary based outlook on life) and that WILL cause a dramatic stir in your marketplace, causing prospective clients to sit up and pay very close attention to you and your business services, rather than your competitors offerings.

Only ONE successful applicant will be offered this arrangement. Weak minded, closed, conformist, traditional based MD’s or CEO’s, need not inquire.   

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

If you want to CONNECT with a potential customer, try not being fascinated with your own self-importance!

I received a yawnfully boring communication from a company 
wanting me to switch over to their insurance services.
There was the usual mention of a commitment to caring, an unrivaled 
service, we're cheaper, we're blah blah blah.
The typical, nonsensical, waste-of-money communications.  
And how was it signed?
The Customer Acquisition and Brand Manager.
Oooh la bloody la.
Instead of bonding, connecting, finding out more about me and 
how important I was as a potential customer, the egomaniac here was 
intent in advertising her fascination with her own importance.
The big desk with the big title does NOTHING for the customer.
Because, how exactly was I being SERVED here?
With heaped helpings of bombast and self-importance.
I wasn't given any kind of demonstration as to how I would benefit,
how I could sample the service. Reasons as to why it was in my best
interest to switch.
All I received was a demonstration and sampling of hierarchal 
superiority and jargon filled insanity that obviously meant much
more to the company and to the person signing the letter, than it did to me. I'm only a
possible customer who has now been forever turned off by the pomp, the preening and
deliberate show of self consumed importance.
Oh dear.
How much monetary waste can be tracked back by such foolishness
across the land, is a project that doesn't need much thinking about.
Look in your post box, your email inbox, the ads in the magazines,
newspapers and publications everywhere and you'll get your answer;
This bragadocios, self-importance communication disease, is...
EVERYWHERE... across the breadth and depth of the land,
across almost all businesses, industries and categories.
Across almost all professions, leaders, communicators and marketers.
When you break it down, the customer doesn't really give two hoots
about your credentials or your certificates or your ability to
please and impress.
Here's the one question your customer or potential customer
wants to know - "...can you or your product or service
help me solve my problem and bring me the promised benefits that accrue
because of solving it! "
What's beautiful about that question is that it leaves no room for 
one being fascinated about themselves and who they are.
(No pompous, self-important or big desk title, here. Just a simple -- would you like
my communications to help make you more money and have you
connect more with your existing clients?)