Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Pure waste of Client (Natwest Bank) Money - Thanks to Nitwit, Sloth Like Thinking

What's wrong with this Ad?

What's wrong is that what's being sold here is the creative non-artistry and copywriting incompetence of those who'll obviously not put their names to the above.

And why won't they put their names to it?

Because it's not their money on the line. It's the client money on the line.

And so because of that, that little wrinkle seems to give license for the agency to release such award winning nonsense.

Let's dissect:

Why would you show the sole of a shoe as the main image when promoting Premier Banking?

And, why show a tip of another shoe?

What's the use of it?

What message is it intended to send?

Who is the main audience for the service, and does the shoe image add to the impact?

What audience does the shoe, alienate?

What's the reason for all that wasted grey space on the page?

The copy on the sole of the shoe says:

"For those who want to see their bank manager without actually visit the bank" 

Now is that not a better, attention grabbing headline than the weak and lame - Introducing Premier Banking from NatWest? 

Here's their compelling reasoning for why their Premier Banking is different - because our customers are different! 

Is that kind of advertising premier? Does that kind of reasoning distinguish their clientele?

How about we fix things?


7 Reasons NatWest's New Premier Banking Service is Just What You've Been Looking For 


Several: to reflect the specific type of customer, the amount of money needed to invest, images to reflect the reasons mentioned in the headline.


Editorial / advertorial style. More readership and attention is gained through a non looking ad. It adds a premier type feel.


Have readers respond to a particular website or number in order to pick up a special report, guide, set of instructions that's written in conversational, plain simple English with a specific 'intro offer' for new clients to avail themselves of.

NatWest have incorporated this slogan into their advertising - We Are What We Do

Sadly, what they've done is they've done stupid by letting creative dimwits take over the show.

When in fact...

Simple ideas executed well, saves money, saves face and helps the customer get the end results the product or service is designed to do for them.