Friday, 24 November 2017


Let's talk about this ad.

And, why it's a monumental waste of space, money, intelligence, potential customer inquiries.

Let's take the shiny neon writing - A FRIDAY --

WHAT does that actually signify, mean, communicate?

I have zero idea.

A cute riddle probably - the answer to which only the souls who created it, know.  

Let's read the COPY on the right hand page - which is white, on a grey background (They're deciding that making their copy difficult to read is the best way to have their message not be read. Which isn't a bad idea when you get to get to read the heart of their message!)

67% of you see Black Friday
as a marketing gimmick:
We're switched on to it too.

Seeing through the gimmicks
is how we simply make 
the car you need, for
every-day-of-the-week value.

So that's it. 

That's the compelling copy created by marketing professionals that'll supposedly make you want to be connected with Dacia in some way.  

And there's a little line near the foot of the page to say:

2,000 UK adults surveyed by One Poll on behalf of Dacia UK between 27/10/2017 and 01/11/2017

And below that, in the bottom right hand corner you'll see the following 

You do the Maths.


So the first point is if you're going to spend money on a full page ad to say that you're not falling for marketing gimmicks, then why not use the page to make an irresistible Non Black Friday Offer? 

Why not demonstrate what exactly this 'every-day-of-the-week value, is? 

Why not use all that valuable real estate on the page to communicate what Dacia cars are all about, and how the readers can get a hold of more information, get details about a test drive, get details about a small replica Dacia they can keep (or some other gift), what their surveyed people would be doing instead of buying a Black Friday deal.  

In other words...

Why not make the advertisement a valuable piece, just by itself -- something compelling and irresistible that'd have people want to tear the page out, keep it, refer to it... 

-- rather than have them look at the ad and wonder what the hell it's all about, and quickly turn over to the next page of the newspaper.    

And the facts are that EVEN if Black Friday is a gimmick according to Dacia's ad agency , there'll be more trade done online during this period than offline. (Black Friday has kicked off what is predicted to be the biggest ever weekend of shopping in the UK - with consumers set to spend almost £8 billion. Evening Standard 24.11.2017)

The poor souls representing Dacia have miscalculated in that people WILL buy on Black Friday, no matter if their small biased 2000 selection of people aren't being taken in by the 'gimmick'.

They've NOT done their maths. 

What's worse, is they've spent money advertising the fact they're not into making Black Friday deals, and yet, have done an extremely poor job in communicating even that very message!  

Think about that if you have the ultimate responsibility for profits and bottom lime results - the ad cost is the same, it's the same fixed cost no matter WHAT you put on the page. Yet, the WHAT you put on the page is the difference that can yield very differing results. 

Sometimes... up to 21 times difference!

Like I say, think about the leverage in that.  


MY COMMERCIAL TO YOU: Don't have your quality based products and services represented and communicated to the marketplace by sloppy thinking souls. Challenge your ads and communications to have that irresistible appeal and that pays its way. You can find out more -