Monday, 27 June 2016

How to fix false business doom and gloom given out by the misery bucket brigade

Anyone can paint a bleak picture about anyone, about any situation, about any event or occurrence.

It seems to be in our collective DNA - to point and blame and take the victim route.

And guess what, the misery bucket brigade, the doom and gloom merchants are mostly business owners and entrepreneurs themselves.

There's generally no outside help needed. (Although there are ample sources ready, willing and desperate to give us their dire predictions, which are generally founded on nothing else but fear and emotion) 

Let me prove that.

Why do 80% of all small businesses go belly up after 5 years?

It's because those who aren't doing that well are huddling together with other members of that 80% club where sharing stories of doom and gloom with each other and of how they're going down, is the daily conversation.

Not a pretty place to be.

But it's not for all who choose to attend. (Note the word choose)

There's a better, happier, more enjoyable solution. 

First and foremost - get in with a different, happening, more productive and happy oriented crowd! (Seek, and you'll find)

Seems obvious, doesn't it - if the environment you're in isn't helping you, get out. If the people and groups you continually listen to to get your info from, aren't helping you in a productive and practical way, then find and alternative. 

Choose, differently. 

And what else, what else can you do to fix business? 

Do an audit. Do an inventory check. 

How? What on?

To begin with;

  • Look at the ROI and performance levels on all your marketing activities, top to bottom - for example: sales presentations, the choice of target market, headlines, offers, risk reversal, guarantees, prospecting methods, referral systems, frequency of communications..- discard that what doesn't bring you a +ve ROI, and continually refine and make better the areas of marketing that are going well. (If there's a good residual back end amount that you'll get even if the front end investment seems low on the ROI front, there's no reason to stop that process)
  • Look at all your various processes, procedures and systems inside your business and see what can be made to perform better, more effectively, more efficiently, more profitably, all across the board.
  • Look at your human capital - is each person part of your team performing to the highest levels of effectiveness they can? Are those in charge of sales and marketing trained in consultative selling? Are office staff able to type faster, read and retain information faster, have more efficient time management skills.
  • What about your products and services - are there markets and niches you've not ventured into? Can your products or services be packaged differently? Can a premium based version be assembled/created to tap into the higher/highest end of  the market? 
  • Look at all your business and professional, relationships. Look at the groups and associations you belong to. Then look to see where referrals, recommendations, connections, reciprocal relationships can be created.     
You can start with the above.

And that's all that might be needed to create more business to happen because when compounded, all the above measures will create an avalanche of profitable activity.    

Don't believe the misery gang who paint the bleakest of pictures when anything unwanted happens to topple the current way things are.

You can fix business to be better than it has ever been for you. You just need the right information and the right help and instruction to implement the new ways you're now going to do things in your business. 

And here's the biggest business advantage you can have - when all others in your marketplace are suffering through their own mismanaged thoughts and grotesque imaginations about what the present and future holds for them, you can bet they're in a victim mindset, looking to blame others for their misery. And that's when you take ownership and show your customers and clients how flexible, agile and incredibly passionate you are about serving them through your products and services.

And they'll love you for that. 

Business doesn't have to be doom and gloom. 

It never is.

All that's doom and gloom are the miserable, victimised thoughts put out by those who refuse to think in up-lifting, action-oriented, productive and profitable ways.

And yes, what's always missing from that kind of mind, are the necessary actions to help fix what needs fixing, solve what needs solving.

And the longer you leave it, the longer you're in the same environment, inside the same de-energising conversations, inside the same the crippling thoughts of doom and gloom -- then the more the chance you'll stay rooted there because doom and gloom merchants are everywhere, insistent in dragging your mind and your business down with them.

Yet only you can turn things around for you by making the right kind of decisions that help and support you. /