Saturday, 23 January 2016

How to Drive More Cash-flow Into Your Business Without Spending Any Additional Money on Advertising

"SPEND SPEND SPEND on more advertising to drive more cashflow into your business!" 


You don't do any of that.

You can drive more cash flow into your business without spending any additional money on advertising.

How is it done?
Stick around, I'll show you how to do it.

1. First way; gather all those names of people who have inquired about your business or service but, haven't yet bought. 

Then, what you do with the names is send those people a communication and ask them what you can do to help them. They raised their hands for a reason in the first place, but it doesn't mean they've had their problem solved. It doesn't mean they're still not interested. It doesn't mean that they've found a provider they're happy with.

You don't know any of that.

Find out. There's plenty of money to be made in those who've enquired but didn't buy.

What else?

2. Those past customers of your who haven't bought in x months or x years. Send them a 'we miss you'... 'we want you back' reactivation letter.
We don't necessarily go back to a place of business, and it's because of a few reasons.

However, if we're contacted or communicated to about a special deal and the communication is sincere and it's respectful and it's from the heart, we'll more than likely check out what's on offer. 

Same is true for your business and services. You've got past clients and customers who haven't been in touch with you because... you've not been in touch. 

Get back in touch. Fast. You'll be surprised at what happens.

3. Done great work for your existing clients or customers? 

Then don't you want the same kind of customers as those, the kind you've already helped and served? 

If you've agreed, then put a formalised, systematised referral system in process. 

There's a ton of money waiting for you inside the relationships associations and connections of your existing customers. Tap it.Work it. You'll get more business.

4. Already spending fixed cost money on advertising and marketing?
Then don't spend anymore. Just fix your current advertising and written communications and you'll get better results.

What should you look for when making those changes? 

Begin with the following;

>>> Does a potential customer know the ad or communication is targeted to them? If not, ensure your target prospect is precisely mentioned in the  pre-headline, headline or sub-headline. 

>>> What's the biggest benefit your customers will get? Specify, demonstrate, put that in your ads.

>>> How stilted, stunted and jargonified are your words in your ads and promotions? Very? Then change them. Use simple clear words and your communications will connect better with your reader and in turn, lead to a better response in terms of sales and profits.

>>> Prospects know explicitly what to do to make an order? If not, spell out the ABC steps. Be clear. Be specific. Be unambiguous. 

5. What other, non-competing business has your specific customer as their customers, also?   

Make a list. Send the owner of the other business a communication about a possible joint venture between you and them where you get to access their existing customer database. 

They've already done the hard work. They've built their business. They've got the customers who are perfect prospects for your products or services - and - for the cost of an email (zero cost) or a letter (very little cost) you'll have the opportunity to access a new pool of customers, a number of whom will turn out to be new paying customers of yours.

Let me repeat again; 

You do NOT need to spend heaps and heaps on getting new customers and spending MORE money to get them. (You will however, find an increasing number of consultants and agencies who'll tell you anything to get you spend spend spend on new advertising... anything.)    

When you begin employing the above, low to zero cost strategies, you'll see how you can grow your business, get more cash flowing in... all with a little bit of action, agility and ingenuity.

And, importantly, you can do it all without you ever needing to break the bank.

Don't simply read about these strategies - employ them - they'll make you money and in turn, I'll get to hear from you.