Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to Fix Tesco's Royal Screw Up

If you know how to fix the problems in your OWN Biz, you'll carve out stealth like money solutions for Tesco, also.
Far fetched?
No, not really.
Because what is Tesco?
Nothing more than a provider of goods and services to people who buy them. Though, done on a grander scale than most businesses.
If you switched on your favourite media news source today - June 4th 2014 - you may have heard that Tesco has tossed away around 25 million in sales...EVERY WEEK... for the last quarter!
No eye adjustments needed.
There are 1 million LESS visits to Tesco a week than compared to last quarter.
They've got Aldi chomping up a section of the market.
So, what is Philip Clarke, Tesco MD, to do?
Well, first, he's got to do away with the numbskull' advisers' he depends on to fix the problems.
Because, what reportedly came out of Clarke's mouth today, couldn't have been of his own making. (Or could it!)
He says Tesco is going to increase the ante to promote and sell a whole lot of other items; insurance, banking, clothes, music, eyewear, techno gizmos - the whole shebang. 

He intends to... sell everything, to everyone.
Oh dear.
Marketing 101, out of the window.
If you try to be all things to everyone, you'll be seen as nothing to no-one.
And so it's proved.
Especially because, Tesco does not know WHO their customer is.
And, even if they THINK they know WHO their customer is, their LOYALTY card system isn't doing its job.
Because look, the proof is in the fact that there are 1 million LESS visits to Tesco stores a week.
That equates to £25 per customer that's danced out of the stores.
The problem with Tesco is they're trying to be an Amazon equivalent, though with no personality behind the whole experience.
Sure, we may not know Jeff Bozos personally, though we do have more of an affinity with Amazon than we
may with a Tesco.
The name of the game is making the experience a really good one for a customer.
>>> It's having the customer feel inside; I like this place and I'm committed to this being my local retail hangout.
>>> It's about having shop floor staff being unprecedentedly AMAZING in their commitment to help and serve the customer.
>>> It's about CREATING amazing offers that aren't necessarily based on 'lowest price in town' as is the case with Morrisson's and their promotions about being cheap cheap cheap... which in turn, brings on many other problems
>>> It's about listening to a customer and finding out what's having them NOT come into the stores.
>>> It's about creating a USP that distinctly differentiates Tesco from all other players in the same market space.
>>> It's about creating infectious, personality driven marketing, communications, adverts.
The above will help Tesco.
Maybe if this mail gets to the head honchos in Tesco HQ, they'll think about employing these strategies and 
will in turn, want to hire me to help them strategise and implement!
Importantly for YOU;
What can you take from here and employ into your business to fix what Tesco, hasn't yet? 
P.S Did you know that it's reported one of the biggest drops in revenue for a business is by staff, STEALING?  With Tesco, being the mammoth Goliath it is, it wouldn't surprise anyone if there's mucho currency being shoveled into the pocketsof Tesco employees by way of produce.