Thursday, 5 December 2013

Stupid Expensive Ways to Use Testimonials To 'Promote' Your Products & Services.

Here's a celebrity face.

Sir Ian Botham.

Here, he's being used as a testimonial for Express Estate Agency.

Their claim to fame (according to their website) is to sell houses.

Hundreds of them a month.

Interestingly, not ONE of those hundreds of buyers is being used as a proof based testimonial for the company's services on their website. (Why not do such an obvious, credible thing?)

Instead, they decide on IB for promoting the biz.

So, let's take a look at what IB has to say.

"I believe Express Estate's Agency's marketing leading solution is the best way to sell any property in the UK"


So, how exactly has Botham formed his belief?

He's not told us.

He's made a vague, 'let's pluck out of thin air because I'm being paid' statement. 

How else can we conclude any different?

He's given no proof, no evidence, no personal testimony to using the services.

The statement (and hiring Botham in this context) is a TOTAL waste of money. A silly, pompous, substance-less statement does nothing but raise eyebrows from the prospective prospect.

And of course, including Botham in the promotions presupposes that all know who Botham, is.

All, won't.

So for those who don't know who he is, it'll be even more of a non event.

Again, how did the company decide upon Botham for their promotion? What was their criterion?

Frankly, they'd have been better off getting a celebrity working in the housing, decorating or building game.


They'd be way smarter than most by getting the celeb to (GASP!) test out their services, to then speak of their results, to talk of what the company actually did for the celeb.  

Nothing speaks like proof. Verifiable, demonstrable, justifiable, proof.

It seems a kind of obvious and evident thing to do, doesn't it?

Well, because it's so obvious and so full of common sense, most in the advertising, marketing and promotion side of life are really quite clueless, so of course, they won't DO the proven and obvious.

They'd rather look for creative, award winning strategies, something that justifies their existence to the company or ad agency.

Even if you have bags of money to hire a celeb, at least don't do what these nitwits at Express Estate Agency have done with their celebrity.