Wednesday, 15 October 2014

WANTED: Ad Agency or Marketing Consultancy Head With Balls to Run The Following Ad...

Results Producing Ad agency or Marketing Consultancy Head/Owner With Balls to Run The Following Ad Promotion:

“How Marketing Consultancies and Ad Agencies Take CEO’s & MD’s For a Ride in Broad Bright Daylight (And get away with it!)”

-If you want to create a universe where you only work and represent the type of clients and accounts with heads who have exceedingly good products and services, as well as owning the gumption, spirit and unbridled passion to be devastatingly different from their commodity based competitors…

…where you yourself have a renegade spirit about you, aren’t bogged and tied down to convention, despise advertising and marketing nonsense and tomfoolery…and.. are committed and convicted about the results you can create for clients through your own unique style, strategy and client relationship building systems and processes, then you’re invited to contact me to talk about having the above advertisement, tailor written for you, where, if successful, you’ll pay an upfront fee and will license the finished ad’s usage on a yearly basis. 

If you’re already investing in promoting your agency or consultancy through advertising and promotion, you’ve an opportunity to test something radically different (that will most likely match your inventive, contrarian and revolutionary based outlook on life) and that WILL cause a dramatic stir in your marketplace, causing prospective clients to sit up and pay very close attention to you and your business services, rather than your competitors offerings.

Only ONE successful applicant will be offered this arrangement. Weak minded, closed, conformist, traditional based MD’s or CEO’s, need not inquire.   

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